Patents, Trademarks & Designs

We have a dedicated team of patent draughtsmen that have specialised in preparing patent and design drawings for world wide filing for over 50 years. Heron Dawson & Sawyer are proud of the reputation it has built up over this time., becoming the largest patents draughtsmen in London.

Our team is at your service to prepare patent and design drawings from roughs, mock-ups or electronic files - which can all be produced with or without wording for non-English speaking countries.

Small section of a classic car patent drawing completed by Heron Dawson & Sawyer

Designs, 3D Images and Computer Retouching

In the past years we have kept in close contact with the Patent Office, as well as being an associate member of the CITMA and are able to supply a variety of services including: Drawings and photographs for 3D marks, Computer retouching to remove non-trademark matter before filing and we can also copy documents for use in trademark cases.

If you have any requirements not mentioned above, we would be pleased to discuss them with you.